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Hello everyone,
I've been looking for an OEM head unit that would include the bluetooth connection. Photo #12 on the link below shows the "Phone" button, which I am assuming is to pair a mobile phone. I had it in my 2011 sorento and miss that feature so much. I currently have a 2009 Borrego, with the GPS unit but it doesn't have bluetooth connectivity. I would love to put a 2011-2013 sorento head unit on my borrego but can't find any information on measurements and such.

Kia Mohave 2016: Fotos e Vídeos - iCarros

Anyhow, has anyone had luck finding/replacing the head unit?

Also, has anyone found/replaced the boring stock kia borrego grille? like the on appearing on the link below.

Kspeed Fits Kia 08 11 Borrego Mohave Ixion Front Headlight Eye Line Painted | eBay

Thanks all,
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