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Hello there,

I need to find out some information about the Canadian head unit/pocket.
As I understand it, the head unit is a single DIN unit, that will play MP3/WMA files via CD-R.
This also has a single DIN pocket beneath it, correct?

I would definitely like to obtain one as I want to play MP3s, and have a pocket. Yes I could go aftermarket, but right now, funds prohibit that.

So, this is what I am looking for:
Has anyone replaced their OEM version with an aftermarket model?
Would anyone that has replaced it, be willing to part with the combo?
If not, does anyone know where I could obtain one?

I plan to put dual harnesses in (aftermarket/reverse) to interface my amplifiers/sub without hacking up the OEM harness.

Pwr/Gnd will go straight through.
Spkrs on the aftermarket harness will be cabled to the amp output.
Spkrs on the reverse harness will be cabled to the amp input (high level).
The amps have a bus that will supply signal to Sub.
While I am at it, I will cable a 3.5MM jack to RCA for the low level input of the amp serving as an aux jack, for IPOD/MP3 player.

That should increase the overall volume of the sound system, provide crossovers for the OEM speakers and provide some low end fill with the sub.
All done on the cheap as these are existing components.

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