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2013 Rio EX 1.6 hatchback
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A few months ago, I decided to install a rearview camera in my 2013 rio hatchback. Rearview cameras are optional in 2013 MY and mine didn't have it. I decided to go with an OEM camera for a simple reason. Most aftermarket cameras are installed in the license plate area (plate bracket, lights, etc). That's great if you have a hatch mounted license plate, because you can mount your camera in a way that you can see your own bumper, so you have a visual reference of where is your car and if you are really close to something or not. My only interest in the rearview camera is to park in very tight spaces where every inch counts, and if I cant see my own bumper and have a visual reference of where my car is (as with 99% oem cameras) , the system is pointless. In the hatchback rio, the plate is mounted on the bumper, so obviously there is no way to see your bumper if the camera is mounted on the bumper itself.

For the installation I sourced an OEM hatchback release button with the integrated camera for 60 bucks on ebay. I was lucky enough to find a colour matching one, so I don't have to paint it. For the screen, I decided to buy one of these gentex style mirror with an integrated 4.3 inch screen which is mounted using the stock windshield mount, replacing the original mirror. I'm not interested in an aftermarket stereo, but it will work too.

The installation of the mirror itself is pretty straightforward. Just powering it and running an RCA cable to the rear hatch. To wire the camera I removed the connector itself (as my car doesn't have any camera pre-wiring, so its useless) and installed a female RCA connector. Grey/White wires are for the video signal. The camera itself has to be powered with 6V DC. I used a lm2596 adjustable voltage regulators I had lying around, but any 12 to 6v regulator can be used.

I wired the camera to the regulator output, and then I powered the regulator itself with the backup lights (which are in the hatch) Here is the camera pinout.

Here are some images:

Rear handle W/ and W/O camera.

Oem switch and camera (with connector removed and RCA soldered)


Camera installed.


Rearview mirror installed. Quality looks a bit poor but is caused by the photo. Image quality of the OEM camera is great, also in dark scenes.
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