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The right side brake hose was mislabled.

Since I was in the wheel well on a 15 year old car, I bought new OEM KIA MOBIS brake lines, with the correct part number on the sealed bags. Auto 7 re-labels the right front brake hose as 112-0030 and the left one 112-0035 (58731-3F000). The KIA part number label was intact on both bags. The left one was perfect, but the right one was not the perfect original design that I removed from the right side of the car. ::crying:: The brackets did not line up with the mounts on the right side.
It appears that I got stuck with the wrong hose. Apparently, through a minor stocking error, the right side hose was the wrong hose but in the correct labeled bag. The OEM bag had a small tear in the corner of the bag, where the wrong hose must have been inserted in the bag. This hose didn't fit on the left or the right.
I installed the new 0035 with no surprises. The left side hose is now a happy hose. ;) I installed the odd one on the right side anyway, and it functions correctly, but I had to use a longer bolt and spacers on the first bracket, and the third bracket had to be tightened after the caliper was installed. I thought that there must have been some trick about routing the hoses that I had misunderstood, but the hose brackets were all upside down on the mislabeled 112-0030.
I received two different brands of hose from RockAuto today, and they are all the exact OEM hose configuration. The two different brands of hoses that I bought are both identical to the original one I replaced. Regardless or the label on the box, the new RockAuto hoses are all identical. The calipers clamp tight and release. I intend to install the right side hose this weekend, and maybe even the rear hoses, discs and pads. Stopping is more important to me than going. :cool:

This week my wife came home with a 2006 Highlander with the intent to replace our aging Blazer. She didn't notice it did not have 4 wheel drive, so it is not a direct replacement, but provides another choice in the family fleet. It appears her Amanti might be a hobby car this summer. Toyota's don't break very much, but I'm confident I will be assigned more mechanical duties.:whistling:
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