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2007 Kia Rondo EX V6 2.7L
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Hello all, I am back with another question (couldn't find much info in forums)... Over the last week my Check Engine light has come on several times with the code P2A00 (it will go off after I make a few trips in the car then randomly return?).

I did some research and it appears MAYBE it related to the aforementioned TSB 044?? I have a 2007 Kia Rondo 2.7L, with Block heater and the OBD code P2AOO is triggering. I have an appointment at the dealer on Friday (417 Kia in Ottawa) however I have 2 questions before I go!

1) What if the check engine light is off at time of appointment? Like I said it comes and goes? Does it store history in CPU?

2) I was told by lady booking appt that I will be charged $69 for DIAG test to read code and if it is related to TSB 044 I SHOULD get my money back, otherwise I'll be told what I already know based on my own scan. Does anyone have experience with the dealer and TSB's.. (If it was a Recall there would be 100% no charge, but TSB??)

Thanks in advance for all your help!!!!
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