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2010 Kia Soul Shadow Dragon SE#3 "SMAUG" (His) 2008 MINI Cooper Oxygen Blue/White "MS MOLY" (Hers)
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Hi All,

We've owned "SMAUG" now for over 2 years and found this Forum by doing a Google Search for Headlight and Fog Light R&R. We've purchased PIAA Xtreme White Bulbs for Headlights and Fogs in ancipation of an up coming Vacation where a considerable amount of Night Driving will be done.

We also purchased this same set up for our 2008 MINI Cooper and have already installed the Headlights, but the Fogs on that car are giving us issues too, even with the Bentley Manual which is NOT the best in descriptions and does not use cohesive verbage.

Anyway, glad I found a Forum that I hope will answer my question.


the "J" in RJKimbell...that would be the Wife
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