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2001 sportage ex 2wd, 2002 Grand prix GTP (for now) 2015 Jetta SE (soon with more boost)
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So as some of you may know i just (a month ago) Bought a kia sportage 2.7 lx 4wd. I noticed a slight tapping/slapping noise a few days after i bought it. Its gotten fairly loud. for a while i was convinced it was a bottom end knock. at the advice of my father who is a mechanic, i removed the belt, and the noise seemed to stop, i believed i narrowed it down to the tensioner and idler pulleys. mainly the tensioner pulley i could move it side to side with my fingers and see it "wobling" while the cars running. The noise seems worse at about 1700-2000 rpm. Its not a constant noise though it has a peculiar rythem which is why ive conceaded its not a rod nock.

I bought a pulley to replace the tensioner pulley, but before i pull it down, im wonder if theres anything else that might be causing the noise i should check out while im down there.

Any tips for removing the tensioner? seems like it would be a straight forward job
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