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2016 Kia Rio LX 68000
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hi member here...

i have a 2016 kia rio i bought used 2 years had 46000 mi on it now im up to 68000...

recently when cold weather started here i noticed some weird noises when the trans shifts gears.
i generally run the engine for 5-10 minutes normally and longer now that it is colder.
temps in the mid 30's to 40's when i leave of a morning
i like waiting for the car to warm up for heat and to defrost windshield.

one morning i was running late and couldn't wait more than a few minutes and noticed a weird noise
when the trans shifted into 2nd and 3rd...its not loud and only at shifting.
so i thought its just a cold weather thing but now its there even when it's not cold outside...

anyone else having or heard of this problem ?
the car has been well maintained and taken care of

help in jax fl !!!
thanks for any advice anyone can offer
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