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'59 Proceed 1.6 crdi 3
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Hi All,

Wondering if anyone can help.

Over a month ago I got my car serviced & MOT'd, now just prior to it there was a whistling type noise coming from the wheels (at first wasn't sure where it was coming from). Only now and again I would hear it, a little more evident on the motorway (I do about 400 miles per week).

The garage I honestly feel forgot to check it, so I took it back in the following week. They checked, tried dusting the brakes (they had fitted new brakes during the MOT). However no change, and now it's more evident and not far off constant during motorway drive.

The only time the whistling (squealing kind of, although would say more whistling type) stops is when I put my foot on the brake. Also when I come off the motorway it does stop for a little, but will soon start up again.

I was told it could be the wheel bearings (which I had mentioned to the garage, but not sure if they actually checked that out).

Anyone any idea.


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