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:) Just bought a 95 kia sportage, 112k miles, SOHC. Ran great for about 4 days. It had sat for about a year previous to this. Next day, went out to start it, fired right up and while i was buckling the kid in it died. Acted like it ran out of gas. Tried it again and it fired right back up, ran for 30 seconds, and died again. Popped the hood to check the plug wires, wigled em, and tried it again, and it started an ran for about 10 seconds and died. Several more tries but nothing- pulled the plugs and theres no spark. I've replace the spark plugs (they were probably the originals- 1/4 inch gap from wear! ) and coil pack with no change. Whats the story with the cam or crank sensor? any way to test them and where are they? I know the cam is turning- i can see the exhaust valve rocker through the oil fill hole moving when it is cranking. The cam belt was replaced at about 90k miles. is there anything else i should check? THanks guys! :)
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