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No dash lights with headlights on stuck in 4low

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08 Sorento LX no dash lights when headlights are on, stuck in 4 low
Ok so here's the deal. Back in the
spring my ignition switch went
out. So my dad replaced it for me.
Unbeknownst to him my husband
left the headlights on before he
changed the part out. I thought it
was fixed but when I went to drive
the vehicle it was dark so I turned
on my headlights and my
dashlights went out. I just thought
a reset would fix the issue with my
4wd low light on, esc off light is
on, airbag light is on basically all
indicator lights on. When I went to
back out of my driveway realized I
was in 4low because turning is
ridiculous. So now I always have
the TCCS fuse pulled. I've tried the
dimmer switch, full resets,
checked fuses, and yesterday got
a new battery cause my old one
died. My dad is stumped. Im
thinking pull ignition switch and
make sure everything is off that
should be and it could be fixed
when putting switch back in? Help
please days are getting shorter
and the snow is here.

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