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Well, I gave my Kia Sportage to my daughter, so I have taken the supercharger off and it is now up for sale. It is a NGM Sniper Stage 1 (almost). I had made my own radiator and custom pipe work to bring it to stage 1. Unfortunately, the NGM stage 1 kit doesn’t fit the Kia Sportage hence the custom work. I have had the supercharger services by Bullet Cars (, an Eaton/Magnusson service agent a short while ago and have not had the blower back on since then. The blower has done approximately 160 000km (100000 miles). Please see the attached photos.
I am asking $1750.00 for the blower, radiator, pump and pipe work that I have.
I also have a few other parts for sale (See the photos):
70mm NGM BBTB - $225.00
2.8” Pully (New) - $50.00
AEM Boost Gauge - $80.00
AEM AFR Gauge - $80.00
6 x 290cc Injectors (New) - $35.00
Top Gun Plug Leads - $25.00
I will sell everything in one go for $2100.00
One last item is a UNICHIP Q+. It has been tuned for the blower with headers and a 2.5” exhaust on Octane 91 and 98. I will sell this for $500.00 but you will need to get a new install harness.
Note, the prices listed above are in $ USD and do not include shipping. The purchaser will be responsible for shipping. The parts are located in Queensland Australia. The parts are off the car, I will just have to pack and send.


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