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what size of tires are those and do you have a lift on it?
Hi, I have had spacers fabricated, +40mm up front and +50mm rear, the tyres are 31 10.50 15, on 15"x8" 0 offset American Racing steel rims.

Mods so far are, the coil spacers already mentioned,.

I have swapped the crap vacuum operated locking hubs for the earlier mechanical auto hubs (surprised to learn that they are manufactured by Warn NOT Kia)

I have removed the A/C system as the condensor was a real dirt trap after traversing a very deep muddy bomb hole and caused overheating, A/C redundant in the UK anyway.

I have removed the Viscous clutch cooling fan and replaced it with a large electric item.

I have trimmed the front bumper, and folded the seam flat inside the wheel well to accommodate the 31" tyres.

Mods still waiting to be fitted.

Body lift blocks.

Steel box section sill conversion, and rock sliders.

Daystar style steel bumper ( still a seven metre lengths of steel tube at the moment)
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