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Hello. I bought a 2010 kia soul sport at a tow yard auction w/ 116k miles a month or so back and am slowly unraveling the mystery surrounding it. While it was obvious the front bumper cover was repainted, what wasn't obvious was the mess underneath, from a jb welded radiator to a 2-prong electric fan from a 04 hyundai accent to an ac condensor also from an Accent. I've had to strip out the seats and carpeting and steam clean it all to remove the smell of funk, I've used a carpet spot cleaner machine to shampoo the headliner, and I have cleaned all surfaces in the interior with bleach water in hopes of killing the odor.

Seems the motor is a replacement unit as the oil was spotless in it, several brackets seem to be either not attached or doubled (bracket on wiring harness with identical one bolted to the block). I also found a temp sensitive metal dot on one of the core plugs, usually done by engine remanufacturers. Plus the transmission was not snugly bolted to the engine-- so I tightened all of that up and went ahead and replaced the auto trans filter.

The carfax oddly goes silent about 40K miles before I got it, and it was last titled in Oklahoma and I bought it out in San Diego.

Runs and drives fine now. I'm going to hand this over to my 71-yr-old mother who lives 2 states away so I'm trying to get it in reasonably good condition for her to use around town. Little things remain, like figuring out why the map lights are only getting about 4 volts to the switch when the sunroof is getting 12v up to it. Also, I'm no electrician, in fact, it's my worst area, but I don't expect there to be voltage going to BOTH wires of the driver door switch--I unplugged the button and tested each of the 2 wires and both had current-- but less than 12v (I think it was 4v each).

The radio volume dial does not work correctly, but the volume controls on the steering wheel work so that's no big deal. The buttton on the fan motor dial for recirculate/fresh air doesn's seem to work and is on fresh air only.

Anyway, I'm going to go post now query about the forward dome/door lights.
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