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Welcome Captainhowdy from Ohio...
You have a model car that was not respected by the industry... It HAS proved itself to be a quality vehicle that has been replaced by the Forte'.
They can do 300k miles "if" maintained properly...

What is the mileage on your "Spec"?

First thing to check is when the timing/cam belt was replaced...The owner's manual says replace every 60k miles (or 60 months/5yrs)...

Like some Honda and Toyota engines the engine IS an interference type. If the belt breaks the engine will probably have severe damage. If the history (maintenance records) are not available REPLACE the belt for your (and the cars) sake.

If it is an automatic do a drain and refill of the transmission fluid (TYPE III fluid) every 30k.

Also drain an refill the coolant every 2~3yrs. The additives in the fluid keep the dissimilar metals in the coolant system from interacting with each other. This should be done in ALL newer vehicles.

Beyond these items regular maintenance is all that is required.

My wife and I have 2 Spectras (06 & 07) and the only parts beyond the above was rear disk pads on hers (47k miles) and appearance items on mine (beyond parts for resurrecting mine from salvage that I bought with 24k miles on it). i replaced the hood chrome, added a strut tower brace (KIA OEM), and white LED map and dome lights.. I also put Bi-Xenion Headlights on both. For $60 each what a difference.

I hope your as happy with yours as we are with ours!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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