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Sorento11 SX premium package wDVD; Optima08 LX,
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Hi Guys!

I'm new here but not that new to KIA ;)

My first hand on a KIA was an 08 Optima LX and my husband an 08 Sorento LX in 2008. Then husband wanted the new (at the time) Sorento because of the new kinks. What had me sold was the optional third row other than the new bells and whistles, lol. In July 2011, we got our eyes locked in on our 2011 Sorento SX, premium package wDVD and horizontal roof rails (Husband originally wanted the side steps but they didn't have in stock at the time so he settled for the rails).

We ended up swapping cars (he now drives the Optima and I drive the Sorento) because I ended up being on the road more times than he was and it was better for the kids :p.

He accomplished with upgrading the Sorento, now he's trying to convince me to do the same with the Optima. haha. We shall see.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts