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2009 Rondo 2.4 engine with around 140k-ish I've owned it since 89k love/hate relationship w/ rondo
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Hello fellow Kia owners!! What a great idea for a site completed based on Kia's! They can be such great cars sometimes and such a headache at other times!! I am currently experiencing a complete loss of power. I just purchased a new battery last week, replaced the terminals and yesterday when I went to check on something else, I found I have absolutely no power. No dash lights, no mileage, nothing. Since starting my new job 2 weeks ago, my rondo has not let up on me. I fix one thing, and something else is failing. in the last 2 weeks I've replaced the valve cover gasket, spark plugs twice, cleaned the throttle body, first cleaned the fuel injectors then replaced them, replaced the air filter, replaced radiator hose and couple vacuum hoses, .... the only codes that were coming up before the loss of power was 301 and 303, misfire on cylinder 1 and 3. any help would be so greatly appreciated as I'm hoping to be able to keep my position.

kia rondo 2.4 lx 140k
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