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2017 Kia Niro
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I have been a car/motorcycle collector for the last 31 years, but this is my first Kia. I’ve owned everything from Yugo to Lamborghini, with a primary focus on Porsche. Currently owning (2) 911s, a 2000 cabriolet 996 and a 74 911 RS (that’s RS, not a RSR, but still the pride of my current collection along side my 4), plus several other toys including some daily drivers like my beloved Toyota Sienna and the wife’s Kia Niro (she’s tiny, wanted a tiny car).
With 4 kids, I don’t find myself driving the Kia often since the sienna definitely seats more, but when I do drive it, I like it, it’s small and easy to find parking here in the California Bay Area.
A few question popped in my head as I was driving it the other day and I figured I’d see what the community knows about these little cars.
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