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Hi, I'm new to the forum and Kias in general. Owning an older one has been quite the adventure this past month. I certainly dont mind getting greasy for the sake of having a cheap vehicle but this Kia has turned into quite the project. What is beyond my mechanic skill level, my other half can handle just fine. The only limitation is time to work on the vehicle.

We're not looking for perfect, just reliably drivable for the time being and a decent back up vehicle in case of emergencies.

Before it was leant out to a family friend everything worked perfectly (including AC). Now that its come back the problems we're discovering are numerous.

Problems -
Large empty hole with a port going to nothing on the driver side under the hood right in front of the fire wall and next to the brake fluid container. (Photo included)

Gas tank wont fill all the way and the gauge is stuck/broken. The gas gauge has gone from 1/4 to just over 1/2 since the first fill and stayed there. First fill was 10 gallons. Ive never gotten any more then 5-7 gallons in the tank since. I can get about 120-150 miles before the car stalls like it has no gas. Note - The charcoal filter behind the gas tank has been bypassed with a ventilation hose that we recently cleared.

Stalling. The engine would sound bogged down while stopped and occasionally stall. Thinking it was gas, I refill and the problem seemed solved. Now its loosing power while driving. A couple times I held off a stall by flooring it but it would still eventually die. It will restart. We suspect the catalytic converter may be getting clogged. I dont live in an emissions state so we may bypass with straight pipe.

Miss-fire at about 40mph where the engine seemed to struggle and then kick into regular power. We thought changing the spark plugs fixed it but that seemed to be a temporary fix.

AC won't blow cold air. The button inside blinks sometimes when pressed and has only stayed on steadily once but never blew cold air. There is plenty of refrigerant. We're suspecting it may be a wiring issue.

Wiper fluid wont squirt. I replaced all the rotted fluid lines but there is no sound from the wiper container when activated. We suspect this is also wiring.

E-brake light was on and 'supposedly' stuck. The stiffness and metal on metal sound comes and goes when driving. The light is currently off.

Fixes -
All electric window switches were not functioning. Replaced master switch from scrap yard and got 3 of 4 windows working. 4th window is next to the kiddo's car seat and not really a priority.

Driver side door handle pull was snapped off and I replaced that with scrap yard parts easily.

The Sportage had over heated and completely died a couple weeks ago. Turns out the radiator cap was rotted and rusted so we lost all fluid. Replacing the cap fixed the issue. We're planning a radiator flush out. The spark plugs and oil have already been changed.

Finding a manual has been nearly impossible. Most books start at 2005 Sportages and the digital copy I bought on ebay wouldnt work on anything newer then Windows 7 so was useless.I'm sure there is a lot more I can troubleshoot once I have my hands on an actual book or pdf copy.

So thanks for having this forum! I've already dove into the other posts to read similar problems/solutions for the Sportage. Hopefully we'll have some more problems fixed soon!


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Time to look for a "new" back-up vehicle!

Oh and...

:00000732: to the KIA Forums!


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Welcome to the Forum! Lots of good info here. Sometimes a little challenging to find. But there's plenty of people to help.

Your photo looks like the 4wd Vacuum Canister has been removed. Is it a 4x4?

Also, if you're hearing metal on metal noise in your brakes, STOP DRIVING IT! Pull the rear drums and inspect. You probably need to replace the brake shoes, but may also have to have the drums resurfaced. Continue to drive with metal noise and you may find it to be very expensive.
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