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Hello everybody,

Just bought a 2015 Kia Sedona LX with about 220,000 miles on it. Van is from Florida and has no body rust, 2 owner vehicle! Living in the Salt Belt, I basically got me car that is rust-wise 3 years younger.

I will have the Kia dealer check it out and change the transmission fluid (filter too if possible), and check the brake fluid (hygroscopic). There is 1 open recall in the Carfax report, so I have them check all that too.

Engine oil and filter plus coolant my neighbor will change, he has a small car shop. Another neighbor of mine does detailing, very convenient.

That should cover the majority. I will feel much better than, knowing that this all has been taken care off. Have to check if it has a block heater installed, but being a Florida vehicle (delivered to and operated in), I doubt it. Installation is a snap, will do it before the next winter hits.

I saw that there is a supposedly plug-and-play upgrade kit for the power lift-gate available, I will have to research this more. I found a Kia dealer online who supposedly sells the kit for around $500. I would also like to add fog lights, but only if they are pre-wired.

If anybody has done either upgrade, I would appreciate any pointers.
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