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Hi there, my wife has a KIA sportage 4x4 2009 model, with all the bells and whistles, like sunroof, etc. etc. We are quite satisfied with the KIA, we have on the clock some 80.000 km (50.000 miles) and the rear brake caliper pins start making a knocking noise when driving on uneven roads.

The car has been twice back to the dealer and all what they do is to "grease them" , but it really does not help very much. My wife, and justified, is worried that as soon she is out of the maintenance agreement at 90.000 km, she will lend up with a hefty repair bill.

Any suggestion, what I could do to make the noise going away?

The rear left caliper is more loose than the rear right side. When the car is jacked up, one can move the caliper and create manual the same knocking noise.
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Hello to both of you and Welcome to kia-forums...
I'd suggest that you find a good mechanic that is familiar with the KIA Sportage.
This car is a very popular model and aftermarket parts are readily available that are a "step above" OEM brake parts...
It seems that you have had the car on jacks so mechanically you are probably OK with tools... Some original equipment parts could have been re-designed on all cars and brands... ASK some Sportage owners here about "upgrading" the brakes... the answers will be straight forward and will save you money and grief in the long run..
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