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I am a new member, 1st time post with a story and do I feel stupid.

Moved from a 100% reliable, faithful 8year old Renault Scenic MPV to a Sedona
2.9 turbo LX Auto on an 02 plate, ( March 2002 ), in very good condition with full s.h. 27000 miles on the clock and my very first diesel.

Paid a stonking good price for it, ( well I think so ), from an American
being repatriated on the quick.

So there I am, proud owner I be driving around listening for any odd noises when I noticed that when I turned the ignition off the fuel gauge would not go to empty.

I of coarse knew what it was straight away having, many many years ago, suffered the same problem on an Austin Allegro, it had to be the fuel sensor.

With that firmly in my head I spoke to a Kia dealer who told me how to get to the sensor, remove the rear most seats he said and there is an inspection hatch but after that I was on my own.

Could I shift those rear seats, could I 'eck, no amount of tugging, pulling straps, nothing, a good 1/2 hr I spent, then the Butcher thought he'd have a go, then a passer by with his wife thought he could do better until she got him the hell out and had a go herself, all 20 odd stone of her, I swear to God but she really was very sweet so I rejoined the affray and got in with her, another 20 min' maybe, still nothing doing, "what the hell", eventually I left them to it and came back with a Gorilla Bar, that did it, no damage done I hasten to add and the seats work and release nicely now.

As for the inspection hatch that wasn't under those seats, oh no that's easily accessible between the drivers' and first rear seats, Hmm.

After removing the inspection plate I got the sensor and lead disconnected but couldn't work out how I then removed the sensor, right I've had enough I thought I'll phone Kia in the morning.

I spoke to four Kia service agents this morning explaining the problem with the gauge, two didn't know the other two both told me I had problem with the combined sensor and fuel pump and among other things the fuel tank would have to be removed to resolve the issue.

With that news ringing in my ears I swallowed my pride and spoke to my twin who's had diesel's all his life and told him my tale of woe, " oh that's quite normal, it never goes to empty unless the tank is empty, it'll always show how much fuel there is ignition on or off" he said.

I really did try to blag it, I really did, not a chance, he felt my squirming, he smelt me squirming and he shall dine on that one for a while to come.


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