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I just signed up for the forum and asked a question in the Rio forum. I though this story might be interesting. I’m working on this 04 Rio for a 70 year old lady at work. She has no money and her family isn’t in a position to help so I’m fixing it for her on the cheap. Lots of friends, co-workers, and family members have donated money. I’ve spent a chunk on it myself too. It’s a testament to these cars that it was still running at all. All these issue have been fixed except one and I have a thread on that posted in the appropriate forum.

103k miles with original plugs and wires.
#3 plug was loose in the head and #4 was all the way out of the head just bouncing around(!)
It looks like the oil had never been changed. It still had the factory oil filter.
Only the high mounted tail light was working.
One headlight was out
The other headlight was held on with packing tape (!)
Brakes where worn out, metal to metal, in the thinnest rotors I’ve ever seen.
Two bad front tires on bent rims, one was completely bald, no tread at all.
No rear view mirror
Transmission stuck in third gear (still is).
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