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my name is Jacob and i am from upstate ny.My mother owns a 2008 Kia sportage lx 4 cylinder.

For her birthday,i want to figure out the least expensive way to get her ipod to work in her car.She wants this so badly..

Im sure you get lots of people here asking about ipod connections for these,but this is different...

There is a junkyard nearby my house with quite a few different Kia models,and like 5 or 6 sportages from different years too..

Since the 08 doesnt have an aux adaptor,or even the ability to hook one to the back,i am trying to find any year kia radio that is aux-able,that will fit...Or maybe there is a radio from a different model Kia that will fit too,to increase my chances...

My last option,which i dont want to,but will if i have to,is get one with a tape deck,and use the tape deck to 3.5mm adaptor.

Im hoping to find someone here who is like a supergeek/expert on kia's stereo's so that he might give me a list of compatible oem stereos,that hopefully have an aux and/or a tape deck..Then i could go to the junkyard and get one SUPER CHEAP!!!!

Is anyone an expert here?

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Hi Jacob
I'm in Ontario CDA. The very least expensive way - which is what I did - you can buy an iPod connector that plugs directly into the cig lighter. You attach your iPod to it, dial in an FM radio station/frequency that has "dead air" and you can play your music directly through the radio.
Is it a perfect solution? No ...but it is just fine most of the time.
On occasion, when traveling, you might find a radio station that is the same frequency as what you've chosen, and it'll fade in and out, but you can change your setting, or as you keep driving it'll just fade away. For the most part however, if she drives locally, she really won't have an issue. Another nice thing is that it charges your iPod at the same time.
I found mine on sale and paid about $10-15.00 Not a bad solution to your problem, and very inexpensive.
Like I said, it's not perfect, but it is quite good overall.

At very least, it's a great interim solution should you continue to look to actually replacing the radio in her car.

You can probably find one at a local WalMart or BestBuy.

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Greetings Jacob,

Like gman_kia, I also use a FM transmiitter to play iPod / Sansa / MP3 music through the radio's FM tuner. The device I use is the Griffin iTrip (universal) transmitter, link below: Griffin iTrip Auto Universal Plus FM Transmitter for Portable MP3 Players (2010 Packaging): MP3 Players & Accessories which works well in the rural area I live in. If I lived in a major city with (multiple) radio stations broadcasting on the 89. - 90. mhz frequency band, I would expect to be switching FM transmitter channels at least once or twice a trip due to station interference/channel overlap on the transmitter.

The difference between the "universal" and brand-specific transmitters is the connectors used: the universal has a stereo jack that just plugs into the headphone port, model-specific versions plug into the (dock) connector.

A friend owns the Belkin Tunecast FM transmitter: Belkin Tunecast FM Transmitter for Apple iPod Touch, iPhone 4S: MP3 Players & Accessories and she is happy with it - again in a rural area w/ lots of tuning space on the 89-90 FM band.

Be sure to read the reviews for each so you know what to expect from the product, or go with a (replacement) radio w/ an iPod/USB/Aux port, Walmart here in NH sells a Sony-brand radio w/ all those ports for about $90 without an FM tuner, $140 w/ FM built-in.

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