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Isuzu Bighorn Trooper 3.1D
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Hello Kia Forums!
  • I'm a 17 year old boy from The Philippines, in S.E. Asia.
  • I'm currently in college and my parents lend me their Isuzu Trooper 3DR Irmscher edition
  • I know a little about the mechanical stuff about cars, but I could name almost every car I see. (total kid stuff:D lol)
  • My parents own 3 cars by now. a 2003 Pajero Exceed, a Mazda Demio, and the one I'm using.

There are two reasons why I joined Kia Forums as a Free member.
1. I want to know more about the mechanical stuff under the hood, by browsing through the forums (hopefully there are threads like those) and
2. My mom is buying a new car, she's more into the big cars (SUVs, MUVs...) so I need a few comments because our friends have kias before and it seems that they're not so happy about it. And just today I saw a few commenting that "Kias aren't how they used to be"

I want an honest review on this one.
My parents made a decision on buying the Mitsubishi Fuzion GLX (2012) they like 7-seaters. The car is still on the process and will be released next week. BUT, if we buy a Kia, we could receive it on the next day. Why?

Our first choice was the Kia Soul. My mom already made an order, but she read a few problems of kia cars from the reviews on the internet. So she cancelled it , but the dealer will already give it to us whenever we change our mind.

Any recommendations why the 2012 Kia Soul? or why even KIA? ^_^
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