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New Kia Owner

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Hello my fellow Kia owners...

Well I bought my first new new new car in long while - and it was a KIA I settled on. I got the new Sportage EX with all the bells and horns, including the V6. Itsa cool ride. I had been shopping for while. I looked at the Saturn VUE (nice one also), Honda Element, and the Nissan Xtera...and few others. It came down to the Sportage and the VUE. But Saturn was not to willing to work with my credit - I am in the rebuilding stage after my divorce 4 years ago. They told me they'd call me. Which they did, but I had already decided on the Kia. And my credit was not even that bad after all!

First time I had heard of the new Sportage - I'd seen a commercial for the new Sportage during the Trailers before a movie. So after the my Saturn trip I stopped by Casa De Gonzales Kia Nissan / Jeep and Kia to see if they had it. BUT before I could even get to the Kia's, a Nissan dude whisked me away to test drive the Xtera - HATED IT! to boxy, I felt cramped! So I escaped and made it to the KIA guys just as the Nissan guy raced after me! Anyhoot, the Kia guys worked thier butts off for me. So in the end I got a great SUV type car, with some great extras (they only had these on hand) and they worked it for me to get the EX at a the LX price.
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Welcome to the site! :) Glad to hear that you like your Sportage. I havnt seen one in person yet. My Kia dealer just got one in. Im going to have to go check it out. Enjoy your stay here. :)
Welcome and congratulation on your new kia sportage ex v6! :57:
Originally posted by admin@Feb 28 2005, 09:51 PM
Welcome and congratulation on your new kia sportage ex v6! :57:
Nice! welcome to the site!

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