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Kia Ceed 1.6 disel 2010
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Hey All,

I got my self a 2010 Kia Cee'd back in September last year and i do a hell of alot of miles, im currently on 117k. Im about to do a service and i noticed my fuel strap was in two :S, my old escort took me 5 mins to find a new one and easy fit and the kia after a quick look seems just as easy IF I COULD FIND THE DAM THING lol. I have look online and called Eurocarparts and no where has one. Any idea on where i can source one of these from ideally new.

My next one is ive never owned a diesel or a turbo, since i bought the car i noticed when i put my foot down there would be a nice cloud of smoke out of the exhaust. the dealer said this is normal but it dosent seem right and ive noticed shes starting running a bit lumpy but then again ive been told this is normal where the fuel is compressed to combust instead of a spark.

Also im blowing head light bulbs left right and center both sides, ive done 6 bulbs since i owned the car. My driver side one blew last night and my passenger one has been blown for weeks but i refused to change it as its a pain. so i changed the drivers side one shut down the bonet and the passenger one turned on :D

Also how hard is it to change the Cam Belt/water pump on these. is it a day job or a weekend job. Same question for the clutch to.

thanks for all your help :)
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