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Hi all

Needing a forum to get ideas and help with my Kia. This is my second Kia, the first was a 13 Sportage and now a 14 Sorento. I bought the 13 for my wife so she could be in a new vehicle with our at the time newborn child and have a warranty and a vehicle I dont have to work on as I have a lot of cars, truck, trailers, dirtbikes and golf cart to wrench on. Recently I has to take the Sorento in for an A/C issue and the dealer replaced the A/C hoses. The system still leaked and six months later when I brought it in I was told we were out of warranty. I told the dealer what year it was and also what year we are in and was told the warranty started when the vehicle was built and not when we bought it!!! Needless to say I am now the warranty. I have a couple issues I am going to post about and hopefully get them resolved quickly.

Cheers, Chris.
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