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Originally posted by evansj@Jan 18 2005, 08:16 PM
Hey everybody. im new to this forum. i live in CT and just got out of the military last november. i bought a 2000 kia sephia ls, 1.8l manual 16v. and i got to tell you, its been a great car. i have a few questions though. 1) why is it that when i try to go into reverse i have to wait until the car is at a complete stop or the gear will grind? Is this a safety thing from the manufac's? 2) Heres my real problem, and no its not mechanical thank god. When I got my car I didnt bother to notice that the shifter plate that the boot connects to, was broken underneath and wouldnt stay latched down. Also, the front right (passenger) side of the center console was cracked. I couldnt see this because the crack wasnt offset until my wife kicked it in and freaked out cause she thought she broke the car. :eek: . So, my question to you is, does anyone know a place online that sells these items for my car and sells them cheap( or reasonable) like used or whatever. If so, thank you. Oh, and good luck to you all on your car problems! Ive had a few my own. B)
first welcome to the site. and onto the questions.
1. is your car standard? if so it will whine thas a standard.
2. the piece with the boot seems to break a lot. I have the same car as you and its broken also, and my dad has the same car and his is broke. the clips they use are junk! you can get these parts on this site this is where i get them if not to pricey and they send the part to your nearest dealer for you to pick up. or if you have a junk yard in your area look there alos.... hope this helps.

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