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2014 MY Rondo
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Hi everyone,

I collected my MY14 Rondo/Carens last Friday and an really enjoying it.

I'm located in Melbourne, Australia, in the north-east of the city.

My interests are my work: I took up archery a decade ago and after both my daughters had a sensational junior career, I got roped into coaching which I now do part-time. Prior to that, I did a few bits and pieces but mostly I was helping my wife raise my children. I gave up my job as a forensic scientist (crime for me, just didn't pay! :D), and became the house-husband. When I'm not coaching, I do housework and write - I recently picked up my word-processor again and am completing a novel.

I came to Kia from a Peugeot 308 wagon - a vehicle I loved to drive, but owning it was another matter. With the Rondo, I have stepped up in: quality, quietness and comfort. I stepped-down in terms of versatility and what I call "finesse": as an example, I have a row of buttons all identically-shaped for air direction, whereas on my 308, I had a depiction of a seat divided into three buttons and consequently was easier to use with my eyes on the road. It is too early to discuss reliability yet, but I expect my Rondo to be superior.

What of driving enjoyment? I like them both so far but they're different. I liked revving my 308 out to nearly 7,000 and feeling the surge of its (turbo petrol) torque, and in the wet, my 308 seemed to be peerless. My Rondo in the dry responds just as well as my 308 and perhaps has lightly less body roll. The two cars are the same size to within an inch or two.

Nobody tells you how much stuff you need to carry when you take up archery, and for this reason, load volume is important, as is the ability to fold the seats flat - something of a rarity nowadays.

I was won over by the Rondo within minutes of seeing it. Until then I was looking at all sorts of other vehicles - Australian, European, Japanese. TKO for Rondo.
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