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Your Price:US$ 158.00
Model: CE37TPM800
Weight: 800 g

Want to learn more?
Tire Pressure Monitor System | Tpms With 4 Sensors | Tpms Displayed On Dvd Monitor


TPMS monitors tire temperature and pressure in real-time. Installs easily and within minutes.

83% of tire pressure loss is estimated to occur gradually - often without being noticed by the driver. Correct tire pressure helps reduce fuel consumption, and reduces tire wear, the risk of aquaplaning and lack of traction. The TPMS also helps save time, effort, and money with regular tire check-ups and efficiently solves many current automotive safety problems.

How it works

Audible & visual alerts when tyre pressure moves outside of user pre-set min/max levels (mute function available)
Measures pressure in both PSI and kPa; measures temperature in both °F and °C
High accuracy, not affected by bumpy roads, operates even when the car is stationary

Technical specification

Controller& Receiver

Frequency: 433.92MHz
Voltage: 12V±3V
Current: ≤250mA
Operating temperature: -40°C~+85°C

Frequency: 433.92MHz
Voltage: 2.1-3.6V
Operating temperature: -40°C~+125°C (external sensor: -40°C~+85°C)
Pressure detecting range:0-3.5Bar
Pressure detecting accuracy: ±0.1Bar (25°C)
Temperature detecting accuracy: ±2°C(25°C)

What is in the package

1x Controller
1x Receiver
1x TPMS button
4x Sensor
1x Power cable
1x DVD trigger line
1x TPMS data cable
1x AV data cable
1x Double side tape
1x User manual
4x Warning stick
1x Bundle
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