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Hey everyone.
I got a new 2012 manual picanto.
It's done 800 km so far.

On average, I get 12 km/l. (8.5L/100KM, 5.1MPG) I measured the mileage and a 28 L until warning light.

I'd say 60% of the mileage is inside the city, which is pretty heavily jammed. It's also about 30 Celsius mid-day, which means A/C.
Still, it's so far from the advertised stats, there must be something wrong.

Maybe I did a bad break-in, can it be THAT significant? I rarely reached 4000 RPM in those 800KM.

At what speeds do you shift the gears?

I had tried closely following the ECO system, changing the gear right when it tells me, which means such a low RPM that the car hardly accelerates. That resulted in 12 KM/L.

I'm now shifting it at higher revs, so it has more power. I think it's worse that way for the first 3 gears, but better for the 4th and 5th. Not sure yet.

Any tips for driving technique are welcome. Thanks a lot.
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