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hey guys i was hoping to pick you brains and get some help

got the old 02 sensor fail, took it to shop and replaced o2 (yes kia one) still failed. so checked somemore and found the ecu ecm is failing (would explain air bad lights on too). was told it was the ecm o2 driver fail, and need new ecu.
just double checking with everyone to see if there is another way to fix it and what is involved in replacing ecm computer. the truck runs great other wise of the engine light and airbag lights.

could you reset the computer and maybe it will work normal again?

i have found ecm on ebay for about 200 bucks anywhere cheaper?

noticed 2 different numbers for ecm mine is 39106-39461 (mine is manual tranny)the other i asume is for auto?

if i buy a used ecm can i just plug and play and drive away (if it matched my setup ie..manual air etc )or do i have to get it flashed and reprogrammed? can i do it from home and download it and install or take it to a shop

here is the stats on my truck
2006 kia sorento usa model 4x4 air manual tranny gas

thanks for all your help and advice guys :)

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Aut-manual tranny should not be a problem as they usually wire the connector that attaches to the ECM to tell the ECM what is there...
Read my last post to your other thread for more details...I would believe your problems are elsewhere and NOT in the ECM...Wiring to the O2 or fuse the feeds the sensor may be bad...
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