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2023 Kia Sportage X-line Limited 2.5L GDI AWD
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If you have a problem entering a destination on your map and you keep getting a "Your KIA Connect Registration Information" email asking you to complete your registration, then I found the following:

The problem is with the screen below that pops up when you first try to set a destination on the map. (See below)

If you press “Reconfigure”, then you get another screen that says “Activating Kia Connect…” and then a final screen that says “Kia Connect Subscription Successful”.

The destination on the map is not set after this.
And the email asking you to complete your registration is sent.

If you try to set a destination again, the whole process is repeated.

The solution is to press the “Close” button on the screen. Then you avoid the above issue, and the destination is set properly.
And I think it is best to check the box for “Deactivate this pop-up” to avoid this in the future.
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