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A month and a half ago my 2002 Rio had it's engine replaced. Ever since then, there has been an incredibly loud squeel from SOMEWHERE! My mechanic can not figure it out. Along with this, the Check Engine light has been on since the new engine has been put in. Whether or not the two are related, neither he nor I have any idea.

The squeel does not start until the car has warmed up for about 5-10 minutes, then it is there even at idle. The only time it stops is when I am accelerating between 1st & 2nd gear and sometimes 2nd to 3rd. It stays with acceleration in higher gears. All of the belts are fine. He thought is was the alternator, which I then had replaced, but go figure it wasn't that after all. So now I'm out $420 for an alternater I didn't need and still have a squeel.

Anyone have any ideas what this squeel might be? And if the check engine light that's been on for 6 weeks now is related to it?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated! Thanks,

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