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I would like to start to say that my english isnt that awesome (from sweden) so bare with me.

On monday im getting my first Kia ever, and of course a sportage, and i have a few questions:

In Sweden we have a few different options, and we have one called the STHLM (stockholm) edition. And i have booked the last car that has the STHLM edition.

STHLM edition includes: Backsensor camera, gps, panoramic sunroof, 1.6 petrol enginge, a upgraded soundsystem with a subwoofer. All this for a small amount of money. So ofc i took it.

But i have some questions about the soundsystem, how good is it? Where do they put the built in subwoofer? Does it take a lot of space?

The salesman also told me that this car has corner lights, that activates when you turn. Does this work good? And how good are the lights on the car when its dark?

And was i dumb not to take the 1.7 diesel instead? In sweden we have higher taxes on diesel cars, and i don't drive more then 1500 miles per year, and it's double the taxes on the diesel.

Some people say the 1.6 engine is pretty tired? Is it that big of a difference?

And the last an most importent question: Are you satisfied with the car? Kia is kind of an low brand over here. Most people buy, BMW, Volvo, Ford. And a lot of people said to me KIA? Wtf are they really good? Doesnt they have a lot of problems with their cars?

Im buying the Sportage because i love the look of it, and ofc it's really cheap compared to a BMW X3, X5, or volvo xc60.

It's seven years new car warranty and 3 years of free assistance if something happens. And for 5000 SEK (800 USD) i get free service on the car up to 7000 miles. Think i should take it?

A lot of questions, and once again sorry for the bad english!

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Hello It is a good Idea to research before you buy.
there are three 1.6 petrol engines between the Hyundai and Kia 130 ps 132ps and 174ps
The lower specification of 130 will always need pushing hard but the 174 although still down on Torque will feel lively.
All-New Kia Sportage Technical Specifications | Kia Motors UK.
Do not get caught up in the dealers money making offers interior exterior protection or any servicing offers.
The only good one is the Kia prepaid first 3 services.
Go on your kia website, go to Kia owners section read and print out Warranty and PDI learn them before you pick up car.
When you get car Study the handbook All sections.


Thanks Jeff!

Even though I made the post in 2012 ;-)

I did however end up with a Sportage and it was a really nice car. My wife got pregnant around the same time as we bought the car so I had to sell it in 2015 and buy a bigger car for all strollers etc.
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