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Hi. This is my 1st day in the forum. I owned an 6y.o., 33Kmileage cd5 2 yrs ago. I bought it from an expat. Though I never had any breakdown while using it, I already had several repairs made. Thrice for rear tire-bearing replacement, once for break pad/shoe replacement, once for clutch disk/pressure plate replacement, once for air-con breakdown and once for battery and tire replacement, once for axle boot and several minor underchassis repairs. In the body, I have problems with the odometer lights up to now(sometimes lights not turning on) same with the stereo and aircon. Service center could not detect why. What I do with the aircon is to re-start the engine until it's on. The carpet at the driver seat is already torn after two years despite having a rubber mat :mellow: . Now I have problems with too much vibration above 80Km/hr. My wheel is perfectly alligned. My tire is just two mos. old, same with the tune-up and change oil. I suspect it's the gasoline because I shifted to using Petron Blaze days ago from the usual unleaded gasoline...I am not sure though if its the one causing it...I'll service it again.

My usual fuel consumption is about 12 km/liter but a month ago I had Super-Turbo Charger installed and improved to almost 14km/liter...

So right now I'm not exactly sure if it's a good car because I haven't owned any other car.
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