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2012 KIA OPTIMA HYBRID, 2006 AUDI S4 6spd Manual, 2005 ACURA TL 6spd Manual
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Hi all.
I own a 2012 Hybrid and I realized that the HSG belts were due so I decided to switch the belts. (2 belts) and I bought both belts from Rockauto and the brand was Bando.

After changing the belts, everytime when the engine revs from 0, it made squeaking high pitched noise for 0.1 to 0.3 second. Everytime, no exception.
After doing some research, I saw someone saying that "Bando belts are great but for some vehicles, it does not have enough teeth".
At that time, I did not realize what that "teeth" meant but I made an assumption that perhaps the bando belts were too slippery that when the
engine revs, perhaps it slips from the early spinning.

So I decided to buy "Gates" belt for the big one and leave the small Bando belt.
When Gates belt arrived, I took out the big bando belt from my car and felt the grip of that belt and compared it to Gates with my thumb.

Wow, Gates had the grip. It caught my thumb no problem when I tried to stroke it rapidly.
Bando? My thumb was dancing and stroking the belt no problem. Zero grip power.

With that, I proceeded to install the Gates belt with a hope that I was right and it did the job with my buddy.
After struggling with the two tensioners, we finally installed it and put the tiny bando belt after that as well.

I was so impressed with the Gates belt. No more noise. Smooth and sounds like a brand new car!

So yeah, if you have no time, here is the 2 cent conclusion

"Don't buy Bando. Just get Gates! That extra bucks will save you extra hours and shipping cost"

I hope this helps everyone.
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