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Let me start by saying - Great site!
I have learned allot from some great posts!

My problems started about a month ago when my 2003 Sorento EX overheated. After I let it cool down I added Water and got it home.
It ran rough and was hard to start. Check engine light eventually came on
and it says Coil number 3 has failed or crank / throttle sendor is bad. The orginal problem that caused the overheating was the Plastic Y behind the motor. I had already replaced the
overflow Tank. So I replaced the Plastic Y (what a pain that was!!)
Then moved onto the Coils / plugs. All the plugs looked great besides
being worn from 100K miles. So I didnt replace the Coils but did replace the
Plugs and wires.

Still runs rough and is hard to start. Odd thing is I can disconnect the battery and it starts / runs great for about a day but then becomes hard to start and idles rough again.
Does this point to a sensor?

Socond problem is that I am still loosing Water / antifreeze. I think it is coming from the little tube that normally has water coming out of it from the AC system. Even though I am running the heater not the AC it still leaks water like it would when you run the AC. The heat only works when I am at speed. I have tried purging the system of air by parking it on a hill and squizing the hoses but to no avail.
Could this be a failing Heater Core?
Has anyone on the site replaced one?

And Finally my third problem which has nothing to do with the Overheating.
My Drivers side Hub is whinning so its time to replace.
All I can find though is the bearings for a EX 4 wheel drive.
I found the Hub for a 2 wheel drive. Any one know were I can get the whole
assembly or is that a junk Yard part?

Thanks for any help!!
As far as the water leak goes, it unfortunately is probably the heater core which would explain the overheating. As for bleeding the air, parking on a hill won't do any better than sitting flat, best you can do is find one of those radiator fill kits that has the right adapter for your reservoir and fill it up until the coolant/water is halfway up the funnel, start the engine and let the air come out on its own. After its done, squeeze one of the hoses and then plug the funnel, remove, and then replace the cap. Sorry I can't help any other way, unless you are in the Tucson, AZ area. Good luck.
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