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2012 KIA LX Sportage
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I was really into this website when it first got my Soul + and customized the heck out of it. Then spam caused me to change e-mails and lost touch. I can't say, how much I loved that Soul + and was working on a dealer trade when I bought the Sportage, for another 2013 Soul. Wish I would have waited another week or so. So I am an avid Kia driver, though the experience below, has left a bad taste in my mouth.

I just traded my 2010 Soul + two months ago, that got 33mpg, even thou it was rated at 30mpg hwy. All I do is highway 65mph to 75mph. Couldn't have been happier with it.

I traded it for a 2012 LX Sportage 2.4, not GDI and only FWD. It was rated at 32mpg and the internet manager stated " you should get 35mpg than, with this because it has the 6spd AT.
They new, KIA, it was getting 30mpg in the first quarter. I bought it, in the third quarter. Than a month later, I get a revision from KIA, to 30mpg highway. They want to give me a gas card for the area I live in, to make up the difference. I work and live off 64 Valle to the Grand Canyon, captive audience. They charge the same and more than gas costs in San Francisco. Which is a mere, 14 cents a gallon more for KIA, than my zone. Which they don't want to do. Someone has to be in a rural area in the same situation. Not to mention, when I trade it in a couple years from now, my car gets less mpg. New vehicles will be getting much more. Hence lower trade in value. KIA is handling the problem, by not communicating. I have averaged 26 to 27 mpg for the last three months. I do no city driving hardly ever, all 65mph mainly. Anyone having the same issues?????
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