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I recently sent this email to Profitune

Hello Michael,
I recently received from you a Profitune CR - Box for a 2.9 Kia Sedona, auto, diesel, 2002 year, thankyou.
My Chipnr is 20050360----------Year 2002
My friends Chipnr is 20050260----------Year 2003
My other friends Chipnr is 20050171---Year 2003
My question is, why are the Chipnr on the box diffrent
for same car, same engine, same gearbox?

This was Michael's reply, please remember this is a German site

Hello ,
all Units for the three Cars are the same Electronic.
Only the Engine in Serial Power can be different.
More or less in serial Power...
So you have by one Car more Power by the same Position from the
Electronic like the other...

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