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Hello Kia Forum People -

I am new to the Kia brand, and chose the Spectra5 because I liked the way it looked, and the way it drove. Also the price! But the quality seems very nice also, and the interior is very well designed. Very nicely designed car. I just moved to orange county from Detroit, Michigan, and needed a new car ASAP - this one fit the bill nicely, it has been super to drive around the area.

BUT - it could definitely use more power!

Can anyone here begin to inform me of the best means of tweaking more horsepower out of this engine, reliably? I would like to see a good 25-35 percent jump in power, at least, is there a turbo or supercharger kit available for this engine / body configuration yet? Exhaust systems? Intakes? Engine Management Computer Modifications? Maybe sources for any tuners that work with these engines?

Already tired of getting beaten at the on-ramps to the freeway! :) lol.

Looking forward to hearing from you - how can we make these cars more fun!

much obliged -

spectra5dude, orange county, california

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go to
header if you dont want turbo
body kits
suspension upgrades
you name it hes got it or working on it!
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