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Have recently bought a Kia Mentor (1995) saloon.

When I purchased her I was looking for a cheap low milage car with plenty of opportunity for modification. However since i have bought her I have been frustrated, can anyone help with a number of points (please)

* I can't find an owners repair manual, do they exist for the Mentor and if so where can i purchase one? (I have tried numerous dealers but found them to be very unhelpfull). If not can anyone suggest another model of car similar to the Mentor that I may be able to use?

* It is almost impossible to find any aftermarket parts for a Mentor. Am I correct in assuming that a Sephia is simply a newer version of the Mentor and so (for example) I could fit Sehia lowering springs.

* Can anyone suggest where to find compatible body kits for the Mentor? ie could i use a Honda Civic bumber etc.?

As you will have already noticed I am a complete novice at modification (my project should be interesting :crying: ) ANY information/ideas are more than welcome. I will of course keep everyone up to date with my progress as soon as I register my car on this site.
Thanks for reading, Kybosh :57:
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