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2003 Kia Sorento, 3.5 V6
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Hi. Im looking for some help with two problems that I'm having with my 2003 Sorento.

I keep getting an error reading saying that cylinder 5 is mis-firing, but I've had new plugs and injector. The leads have been checked and these are ok. This only occurs occasionaly and when the engine switches over to LPG the mis-fire stops.

My second issue is possibly with the transfer box. When travelling a long distance (20 minutes plus) there is a thud coming from under the car.
When the 4 x 4 fuse is removed the problems stops completly. Could this be a problem with the sensor or actual box itself? We have had a oil change but this makes no difference.

Any help / ideas will be highly appreciated. These issues have been ongoing for sometime.

Thanks paul
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