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Metal shavings in oil

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Hi all,
I have sportage 2022 4th generation GDI 2.4, for now it has 3800 mile odometer, this is my second time changing the oil, first time it was only 500 mile and today it has 3800 mile, in both oil changes I notices metal shavings and I wonder if its normal or that is an issue, and if it could stop suddenly because of this issue as I will be travelling about 600 mile in one drive next week (there will be no road service or assistance).
Is it true new engines have such shavings?
How to check the engine?
BTW, the engine consumed about 200-300 ml of oil in this 3300 mile.
Thanks a lot.
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This is how it looks
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I could've sworn I saw particles like that in one oil change maybe 15,000 miles ago (123k now) but I couldn't confirm if the pan was clean before I dumped my oil. Subsequent oil samples sent for analysis to a lab out here in the US said my samples looked pretty good, especially for a Kia 4-cylinder. I would see how it looks next oil change and ensure the drain pan is clean beforehand. I don't think there's much choice than just hope and see.
Thank you,
The issue that there is no lab to test the oil here in Baghdad.
If I drained the oil to check it and returned it to the engine is it bad idea?
I'm about to do that today actually to (hopefully) fix a leaky drain plug. It's fresh oil that's seen maybe 300 miles so it's going back in.

Can't see it going wrong, maybe check after your trip?
1 - 2 of 14 Posts