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I have some kind of a fuse or short think going on and no one has a clue what is causing it...

I have a dealer installed auto starter/ power keyless entry on my 2002 kia sportage with 4 wheel

It has a remote so I can sit in where it is warm and start the car to warm up...

But if I hit the auto lock on the remote.... all of my power door locks go f-ing nuts and lock and unlock like 40 MPH non-stop until I disconect the battery cable.... nothing else stops them... not even turning the car off...

there is no relay with power doors on a 2002 sportage... the fuse is fine.... and I have no other issues with power stuff so I am told its not the computer....So what the hell is it... is the car haunted by owners

HELP... I live in MN and to not have auto start when its -20 totaly sucks and to have wireless key entry but I cant use it realy blows.....:(
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