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Here in oz land we use kilometeres and litres of fuel. My mentor runs at best 13km/L or 7.7L per 100km. My wife usually gets this when I drive its economy reduces somewhat(lead foot) but I have found driving like my wife does in this car is the best way. Reving out of corners and racing starts at stop lights just uses more fuel for little extra performance. My advice gently drive gently rev and it'll be gentle on your wallet at the fuel pump!

1.6km per mile
unknown Litres per gallon

Approx 30+ Litres in a tank never fun empty I think its 35 completely empty

Milage 350+ to 400 kilometers per tank
depends on how you drive. My fuel gauge is a bit wrong, two bars lower than full on gauge when liquid fuel is overfilled out of spout.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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