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I got the map update in Nov... and completely forgot about it. Basically I started it but did not know what serial number they wanted. Threw it in the back seat.. 5 months later..
Finally I got the car charger setup (it says it needs 150 min) and called the company because it needed three thing to do the upgrade:
To get to the web site to generate a code you MUST have the order number and name as on the PAPER they provide you in the box you receive.
Once you get that right you go to the generation screen and must have.
ONE: Input Your Device ID (10 digits)
This is the number from your car's GPS when you go to MAP UPDATE.
TWO: Input Your VIN (17 digits) Remember there are no "O" only Zeros "0" in your VIN. I used capitals to make sure L and 1 did not look the same
THREE: Input Serial No (5 digits) I called to ask what this was because this is not in the instructions.
This is the serial number printed (lightly) on the USB stick.

Now that I had that, I ran the code generator on their web site, so have a pen and paper ready. You can do this on the phone... but you know what tech support sounds like, and this is a long code with numbers and letters you have to type in. Plus can't use your cell phone, it'll cut out the programming screen ! !
IF you put in the wrong VIN or other numbers, the code generated will be wrong and the web site states to "triple check" your numbers as the code can only be generated ONCE !
So I get the code, punch it in, it accepts it and then reboots the GPS and then a typical install screen and a progress bar is shown. Five separate installs are needed. The first two go real quick.
So car is on a charger, 1/2 hour later it was on 4 of 5 and 1/4 of the way there, I left it. I had the key in my pants pocket, walked away (it beeps) and I left it on.
An little more then an hour went buy so I checked it.. the car is OFF, totally off. I get in and turn it on. Nothing from the radio. I finally press the ON button hard and bleep.. it starts, radio stations are no all there. Sirius is on some strange channel. I check the map and it shows my current location and it's shows it's attached to 8 satellites. Version is 5.04.13 so I take it on the street to the pizza store down the road. I restart and press destination to have it guide me home. The previous 5 destination pop up.. that's nice. I live in a rural part of NJ and have lots of "State Property". That now shows up in a nice green hatch design rather then just green. I set my home as the destination, right from the "pop up selection", and choose "select" and the voices start (not those voices). This is where I find natural speech, plus the map is now showing Rail Road tracks and nicer turn information. See the UPDATE they now have on the site
Was it worth it ? First the speaker is now speaking English and (so far) it sounds natural, not like 3 syllables stuck together.
The condo's across the road from the pizza store that was built in 2000 (?) was not on the old map. Now it's there. I only went a few blocks but find some nice upgrades. I'm gonna call tech support tomorrow and tell them I'm doing a review for Kia-Forums and what has improved in V5. Just the speech was worth half the $100. Now if she can only say Garden State Parkway instead of Ga-da-state-pa-ka-way.
I do like the interface.. Now how accurate are the POI is the next thing. Restaurants come and go around here every 3 years. That should be a separate and FREE update every year. More to come... I'll have to compare this map to my wife's 2012 Tuson...
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