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I went to Hardees today to get a biscuit and noticed little droplets on the windshield of my Sorento that appeared to be a light rain but it wasnt rain as it didnt dry when I was driving. It was tiny droplets of sap.
I had seen this before and wasnt sure how it had occured. Luckily I knew this time, I parked under a medium sized water oak tree which I normally never did. I researched and found out that there are small insects that live in the tree that eat the sap and excrete some of it in the form of these small droplets. If you have had this occur and wasnt sure how to clean it off and ended up using lots of bug/sap/tar remover and lots of time to clean it, I have a much easier, cheaper, and much quicker way to clean it off.
When you come out in the morning it will still be sticky and when you go to wipe it off it will smear and become a bigger mess. The drops are so tiny that they will dry out completely by lunchtime. Now granted I touch up my wax every 2-3 weeks so I have a pretty slick surface, all I do is let them harden and as long as there isnt any dirt on the car you can just wipe off with a micro fiber towel, just make sure they are dry and they will just come off. If your wax isnt so fresh or the car has a little dirt on it simply go to a high pressure car wash and wash them off or if at the house put some car wash soap in a bucket with some water and give it a quick wash, and the drops are gone..... but they have to be dry or it will smear and then you have to use the tar/sap remover.
I hope this helps someone else out.
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