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Ki Sportage LX 4dr SUV 4WD (2.0L 4cyl 5M).
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2007 Sportage Lx 5 Speed manual trans. Lights on dash come on and off randomly, ESC OFF, ABS. Was trouble starting it awhile ago, randomly also. Would wait a few mins and try it again and it would go. Now brake lights will not come on. I’ve checked fuses. I’ll add that the brake switch was changed as per the recall in about 2013, when I got the car back, the cruise ( that I had used that morning ) wasn’t working. Kia told me they would not fix it because it wasn’t anything they had done 😮🤬. Since, it has had a new clutch put in two years ago, that covers brake fluid bleeding, I think. I have a ‘spare’ plug with two wires going into it near the brake switch… that isn’t plugged into anything.
Was there previously a different switch that would have had an extra spot for a plug?


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